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House Moving

Welcome to our premier house moving services in Tauranga! As your trusted partner in relocation, we offer a seamless experience that combines efficiency and affordability. With a fleet of variously sized trucks, we cater to every moving need, ensuring a smooth transition for your belongings.

Serving the Bay of Plenty, Auckland, and Waikato regions, we pride ourselves on providing the lowest-cost solutions without compromising quality. Our experienced experts meticulously manage your belongings, ensuring their secure and punctual arrival at your new destination on time. Whether you’re moving into a small apartment or a spacious home, our tailored services meet your specific requirements.

Experience stress-free moving with our reliable and cost-effective solutions. Contact us today for a hassle-free journey to your new abode.

Furniture Moving

Welcome to our top-notch furniture moving services in Tauranga! We are your go-to partner for a seamless and efficient relocation experience. Boasting a fleet of trucks in various sizes, we precisely cater to your unique moving needs.

From the Bay of Plenty to Auckland and Waikato, our services span these regions, ensuring your furniture reaches its destination intact. Our dedicated team of experts handles each piece with the highest level of care, guaranteeing the safety and timely delivery of your cherished belongings.

Whether it’s a cozy apartment or a spacious home, we tailor our solutions to match your requirements. Discover stress-free furniture moving with our dependable and cost-effective services. Reach out today for a smooth journey to your new abode.

Office Moving

Welcome to our premier office moving services based in Tauranga, serving businesses across New Zealand! With a versatile fleet of trucks in varying sizes, we specialize in seamless and efficient office relocations.

Our experienced team ensures a smooth transition for your workspace, regardless of scale. From local moves to nationwide shifts, our services span the entirety of New Zealand, guaranteeing a reliable and timely delivery of your office essentials. We understand the value of your assets, and our dedicated professionals handle them with the utmost care. Whether you’re relocating a small office or a larger corporate space, our tailored solutions cater to your specific needs.

Experience stress-free office moving with our trusted and cost-effective services. Contact us today for a streamlined journey to your new business destination.

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Max Nuttall

Fast, friendly and reliable. Vinit and his team of professionals assisted my relocation with great care and consideration. Would highly recommend.

Doug Taylor

Used lift and shift for our house shift on 28th and the crew of 3 were excellent.Obliging and top workers.Ourgear arrived all ok.The quote was fair so don’t hesitate to use these people. Doug and Betty

Irene Palmer

They arrived EARLY. Professional & thoughtful. All the right gear for a fast & efficient job. Everything moved without a hitch.

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